A Life Of Purpose®️Jewelry By @DenaForYourPurpose

Welcome, Purpose Peep!

I am pleased to offer jewelry designed & created at the intersection of spark + purpose + activism + wellness + motivation + style! Check out the beautiful, one of a kind designs to reflect back to you the awe and wonder of your life of purpose and reflect out possibility to purpose peeps who cross your path!

Collections include: Wear Your Truth, Divine Spark, Path To Purpose, YOUnique Design, Simple Truths & Unlock The Keys To Your Success

Featuring: Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel Repurposed Findings, Gemstones, Lava Rock, Hand-stamped Charms, Patina Charms


Divine Spark Collection

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Wear Your Truth

Activism, Wellness, Reminders

Lava Bead Collection

Wear Your Truth - You Are Royalty

Wellness + Affirmation + Style

Royalty Collection

Wear Your Truth African Turquoise & Bronzite Sets

Wellness + Purpose + Evolution + Ahas

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Stainless Steel Stretch Bracelets

Wellness + Purpose + Style + Versatility (Silver/Gold/Rose Gold)


YOUnique Design

Bliss, just honest bliss!

Jen Atlanta, GA

I LOVE the unique designs & daily reminders.

Sarah, Washington, DC

Great gifts!

Pat, WPB, FL

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